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Alland & Robert obtains first ever fair trade certification for acacia gum

The Fair For Life certification reflects the long standing commitment of Alland & Robert towards its industry and local communities. FairFor Life-certified acacia gum is now available through Alland & Robert, for both seyal and senegal qualities. This is the first time that such a certification is obtained in the gum acacia industry, reflecting our... Read more »

Charles Alland appointed as chairman and CEO of Alland & Robert

On 31 March 2023, Charles Alland was appointed CEO of Alland & Robert, taking over the reins from his father Frédéric Alland. Charles will continue to develop the company internationally and diversify into new markets. Charles Alland had held the position of deputy general manager within the family business since the end of 2017. He... Read more »

Alland & Robert is taking the “We Use Wild” pledge, a commitment to good sourcing practices in the gum acacia supply chain

Alland & Robert becomes the first actor in the gum acacia industry to take this pledge, proudly declaring our use of wild acacia gum and placing a spotlight on our work to create and maintain ethical & sustainable practices. Alland & Robert proudly declares our use of wild gum acacia (or gum arabic). We constantly... Read more »

Alland & Robert obtains silver rating from EcoVadis following Corporate Social Responsibility evaluation

Alland & Robert obtains the EcoVadis silver medal for its CSR performance. Alland & Robert has been awarded the silver medal on the occasion of the annual evaluation of the EcoVadis organization Rewarded for its Corporate Social Responsibility management system, Alland & Robert obtains the EcoVadis silver medal. This score places us among the top... Read more »

Everleaf has chosen Alland & Robert for their drinks

It can be a challenge to find non-alcoholic choices that have any real flavor, quality, or character. Paul Mathew, the founder of Everleaf, created three non-alcoholic aperitifs to meet  growing consumer demand. What do they have in common? They are all made with Alland & Robert acacia gum. Paul Mathew believes this ingredient makes all... Read more »

Introducing our Company Foundation

Alland & Robert is very proud to introduce its Company Foundation, a France-based non-profit organisation whose goal is to reinforce Alland & Robert's commitment towards the environment and the communities linked to natural gums. Purpose The purpose of the foundation is to initiate, support and follow various projects in line with its mission in countries where... Read more »