Francisque Alland, chemist, and his partner Alfred Robert create their company in Paris, France. They source acacia gum in Africa and import it in Europe.

1884Founding of the company


At the time, the trading of acacia gum is mostly intended for the textile industry, and the harvest of acacia gum has been a traditional practice for a long time in several sahelian countries
Francisque Alland is in charge of sourcing raw materials in Africa. He starts to travel to East Africa. At the time, the french colonial empire is widely spread.

1890Direct sourcing in Africa

1895Trading several gums

After Francisque's death, Adolphe Alland travels more and more to Eastern & Western Africa. He is passionnate about natural gums, and Alland & Robert has strong ties to Africa.
Alland & Robert developps its activity and participates in international exhibitions and trade shows. The company sells acacia, karaya and tragacanth gums.

1912International exhibitions

1925A renowned expertise

Adolphe Alland's adventurous travels have made him a public figure known for his expertise in gums and his knowledge of Africa. His studies on the Sudanese acacia trees are renowned and published in Botanical reviews.
René Alland is ready to continue the family business and takes over the company.

1940Third generation family company

1945Product transformation

Alland & Robert initiates the transformation of acacia gum using a crushing and pulverization process.
René Alland buys all the company shares from the Robert family, but the original company name is unchanged.

1967Purchase of company shares to the Robert family

1970The fourth generation is here

Bernard Alland takes over. Through his driving force, the production capacity will increase and Alland & Robert's first plant will be built in 1972 in Port-Mort (Normandy, France).
All storage is moved from Paris to Port-Mort. The Paris location - inside the famous 3rd district "Le Marais"- remains part of the company as the administrative & sales offices.

1974Expansion of the company

1984Going more and more international

Frédéric Alland, becomes CEO of the company and under his influence, Alland & Robert accelerates its internationalization.
Alland & Robert focuses on the transformation and selling of natural and vegetal plant exudates, like acacia, shellac, karaya, tragacanth gums.

1990-2000Focus on natural and vegetal

2002The first spray drying tower

The first spray drying tower is built in Port Mort (Normandy, France).
Alland & Robert invests massively in Research & Development and initiates partnerships with universites for applied and fundamental research on acacia gum.

2005Research & Development

2007The second spray drying tower

A second drying tower is built at the newly acquired production site in Saint-Aubin-sur-Gaillon (Normandy, France).
For the 1st time, Alland & Robert receives BRC certification, as a result for a very strong Quality management policy.

2009Food safety certification

2013The third spray drying tower in Saint-Aubin

Alland & Robert production capacity of acacia gum keeps increasing with the creation of a third spray drying tower. Alland & Robert invests 5 million euros in this new equipment and extends storage spaces for its raw materials and end products.
Representing the 6th generation, Charles Alland and Anne-Sophie Alland join the company. In Saint-Aubin, Alland & Robert expands with a new technological & culinary platform for training, and a new laboratory for quality control, quality assurance & applied research.

2018Bringing more energy

2019Celebrating 135 years!

Alland & Robert's expertise is now 135 years old, and recognized internationnally by the biggest food companies and manufacturers. Alland & Robert exports products on all continents in 69 countries via a network of 39 local distributors.