Dietary applications

Karaya gum is a natural fiber and an ingredient for weight loss products.

Recognized as a highly soluble fiber, karaya gum can increase the fiber content of any product formulation. The addition of karaya gum, can, depending on the country legislation, offer the possibility of nutritional allegations like “source of fiber” or “enriched in fibers”.

Karaya gum is known as a great ingredient in slimming diets, as it provides a feeling of satiety and can be solubilized at cold temperature, which simplifies industrial processing and is useful for powdered mixes.

Karaya gum also offers stability at a low PH, which is useful for the formulation of  dietary sauces and/or salad dressings.

Finally, karaya gum is stable during freezing and thawing, making it a great additive to use dietetic ready-to-eat meals warmed up by microwaves.

The karaya gum properties of water retention have been demonstrated and allow the final product to avoid synaeresis phenomenon. Karaya gum has also great synergy with other hydrocolloids, including locust bean gum, which is a common ingredient of weight-loss or dairy-free drinks.