Alland & Robert obtains first ever Fair For Life certification for acacia gum
In : Company News | Posted on 20 September 2023

The Fair For Life certification reflects the long standing commitment of Alland & Robert towards its industry and local communities.

FairFor Life-certified acacia gum is now available through Alland & Robert, for both seyal and senegal qualities. This is the first time that such a certification is obtained in the gum acacia industry, reflecting our unique commitment towards our supply chain and the local communities we work with. Alland & Robert advocates for ethical supply chains and leads by exemplarity. We constantly seek to surpass ourselves and go beyond regulatory requirements and customers’expectations, in order to be the leader of a fair industry that respects human rights and the environmentProducts displaying the FFL label are guaranteed to come from environmentally friendly processes practiced by fairly paid farmers, from a transparent and traceable supply chain.

Violaine Fauvarque, sustainability manager at Alland & Robert, declared: « This certification is the result of our ambitious corporate and social responsibility policy. To us, this is the recognition of our long-term efforts towards a gum acacia supply chain that is beneficial to all parties involved. Fair trade promotes healthy and beneficial trade for people and the Earth. Participating in this collective effort makes us particularly proud”.

Charles Alland, CEO of Alland & Robert, said: “As the leading expert of acacia gum worldwide, we have a responsibility to our stakeholders. Our commitment to fair relations and sustainable products has been part of this company and its values since our beginnings . This certification embodies our unique work towards the local communities, and it strengthens our lasting relationships with our suppliers in the Sahel. We are extremely proud to be the first to achieve this certification, as we know it will meet the consumers’ demand for ethics, traceability, and transparency “.

The Fair For Life certification is an international standard for Fair Trade and responsible supply-chains.

Fair for Life promotes an approach of Fair Trade that allows producers and harvesters to take charge of their destinies through the recognition of their work. It is a collective and meaningful construction of life and society. The Fair For Life certification is also a guarantee of strict economic, social and environmental standards, set by the Ecocert group.

Fair Trade is part of a broader context of sustainable development within a region that safeguards and supports the local social fabric, particularly in rural settings.

Particularly demanding, the FAIR FOR LIFE label guarantees:
💰 a fair purchase price higher than market prices,

🤝 purchase commitments over 3 years minimum,

📉 a protection mechanism for producers in the event of a crisis,

🙏 decent and safe working conditions throughout the sector,

💪 strengthening the autonomy of producers,

🌍 environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

These principles apply throughout the whole supply chain covering producers, traders, manufacturers and brand holders.

This certification comes in addition to several other initiatives of Alland & Robert for an ethical and sustainable supply-chain, such as being a member of the SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) since 2006, committing to the WE-USE-WILD pledge from NGO TRAFFIC and launching a reforestation initiative in partnership with NGO TREE AID.

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