Our raw materials’ partners

Alland & Robert has developed solid partnerships with an extensive network of African suppliers to ensure security of supply, and to build long term relationships.

We work only with trusted suppliers who agree to apply our standards.

Auditing our suppliers and their facilities

Our company growth depends entirely on our ability to meet our clients’ needs and expectations, and therefore those of our final consumers, in terms of quality and safety. That is why it is essential for us to offer total traceability on our products.

Every year, Alland & Robert carries out an annual audit of all our suppliers in Africa, in the presence of our Quality Manager and CEO Frédéric Alland at the first semester of the year. We have also checked the conditions at our raw material suppliers’ facilities, made an inventory of their facilities, and monitored the implementation of any maintenance actions required as a result of these audits.

Fair trade relations

Alland & Robert has been strongly committed to its suppliers in Africa for several years. Our long-term involvement illustrates our desire for safety of supplies, transparency as well as honest relationships. We are convinced that we can only achieve sustainable development and growth through fair, trusting relations with our partners. That is why we offer a fair price for the acacia gum, based on our market knowledge and feedback from our suppliers. This fair price will enable our suppliers to decently pay farmers while investing to grow their company.

In some countries, Alland & Robert pre-pays for harvests in order to help farmers invest in new material and equipment, help our suppliers thrive but also in order to secure supplies. Alland & Robert also provides suppliers with maintenance, logistics material, laboratory technology and training support.

All year long, exchanges with our suppliers allow us to have a great market knowledge, work our improving our quality and traceability, share working analysis methods, and support our suppliers when they launch social and environmental projects.

Suppliers integration to our network

We integrate our suppliers into our value chain, in order to engage in long terms relationships. In order to achieve a successful and positive integration, we make sure that all our partners comply with our charters and safety, ethical, environmental and societal standards.

Alland & Robert is helping to improve working conditions among our raw materials suppliers, thanks to the training of local collectors and harvestors, but also thanks to initiatives like access to drinking water, reduced journey time to reach the harvesting areas, checks on hygiene in the sorting and storage areas, and higher incomes for harvesters. Child labor is obviously prohibited. Alland & Robert requires suppliers to sign the Ethics Charter, and resign it every 5 years.