Acacia gum, a natural resource to cook at home !

100% natural and multifunctional, acacia gum is a real asset for cooks looking for healthy recipes !

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What is acacia gum ?

Acacia gum is a natural exudate of 2 varieties of acacias (seyal and senegal). It is also known by the historical name of “gum arabic”, or “acacia fiber”. It is neither resin nor sap, it is secreted by the tree after an incision has been made on its trunk or branches. As it dries, the exudate solidifies and becomes a nodule that can be harvested.

Acacia gum has been used for many centuries in cooking and for its many virtues. In addition to being completely natural and being a fiber, it offers many benefits and makes it easy to improve cooking recipes by providing binder, texture, softness and fiber with a prebiotic effect!

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The gum used in our product is the best quality of acacia gum: the senegal variety which is the most efficient for all types of uses.

What is acacia gum ?

1. A natural emulsifier
Acacia gum makes it possible to perfectly mix together and homogenize liquids such as oil and water, which is particularly practical for the preparation of drinks, smoothies, salad dressings and other liquid preparations.

2. Texturing agent
Acacia gum improves the texture of preparations, in particular thanks to its water retention properties. It improves the appearance, taste and volume of recipes, and depending on the preparations, their softness or crispiness.

3. Prebiotic fiber
Acacia gum provides dietary fiber content: it improves intestinal transit and helps regulate insulin levels in the blood. The prebiotic effect of the gum strengthens the good bacteria present in the intestine and their beneficial action on human health.

How to use acacia gum in cooking ?

Alland & Robert commitments

Since 1884, Alland & Robert has been the specialist and world’s leading manufacturer of natural gums and tree exudates. We are particularly expert in acacia gum, which we manufacture with the highest quality in our factories in Normandy. Acacia gum is harvested in the Sahel in Africa, which is why we work with our local suppliers to develop a sustainable and ethical industry.

We are committed to local communities and support projects in several countries, notably through our Corporate Foundation. Acacia gum is good for the Sahelian environment! The acacias on which it is harvested prevent the desertification of African lands, restore soil fertility and have a beneficial impact on global warming. This is also the reason why many acacias are planted as part of the international reforestation project “The Great Green Wall”.

Acacia gum is available to consumers in France

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