Charles Alland succeeds Frédéric Alland at the head of Alland & Robert
In : Company News | Posted on 24 April 2023

On 31 March 2023, Charles Alland was appointed CEO of Alland & Robert, taking over the reins from his father Frédéric Alland. Charles will continue to develop the company internationally and diversify into new markets.

Charles Alland had held the position of deputy general manager within the family business since the end of 2017. He started his career in consulting, after studying international business. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics with Politics from the University of Buckingham and graduated with a Master of Science in Management from the University College London in 2015.

“We will continue to grow and diversify our business, while at the same time investing to meet our carbon reduction goals. Acacia gum offers significant development potential in many industries where natural and plantbased product choices are a key consumer trend.”

Charles Alland, CEO Alland & Robert

Frédéric and his son Charles Alland (right) in Senegal in 2019.


In taking over from his father, Charles intends to continue weaving family history that began in 1884. He will continue to internationalize the company and support ongoing projects, including the construction of a fourth production workshop at the Normandy site of Saint Aubin sur Gaillon. Set for completion in 2023, this expansion will increase the company’s production capacity by 50% to meet strong global demand for acacia gum – and create around 30 new jobs.

Charles will keep exploring the multitude of opportunities offered by the cosmetics market, following the launch of Alland & Robert’s DemeCare® range in 2022.

He is also set on perpetuating the company’s scientific and technical expertise by continuing the application research conducted in Alland & Robert’s R&D laboratory. He will develop fundamental research through an exclusive partnership with the Agropolymer Engineering & Emerging Technologies (Supagro IATE) department at the University of Montpellier (Agropolymer Engineering and Emerging Technologies).

Charles Alland is – and will continue to be – very involved in Alland & Robert’s social, ethical and environmental commitments, including the projects run by the Alland Corporate Foundation, which supports local communities that harvest natural gums in Africa.


As President and CEO of Alland & Robert from 1988 to 31 March 2023, Frédéric Alland strongly accelerated the company’s international development. This success is reflected by the fact that 95% of the company’s turnover came exports at the end of 2022.
Frédéric will remain involved in the Alland Foundation. Created in 2021, the Alland Foundation acts in partnership with Tree Aid, a British NGO specialized in reforesting African drylands and a key player in the Great Green Wall project.

Founded in 1884, Alland & Robert is a French family business and pioneer in natural tree exudates. Drawing on deep expertise in gum acacia, an all-natural additive and ingredient, Alland & Robert exports to over 70 countries. To ensure the highest product quality and sustainable practices, Alland & Robert is fully committed to an ambitious corporate social responsibility strategy. This approach is based on a large network of raw material suppliers in Africa, international certifications, a dedicated R&D team and research partnership with internationally renowned universities.

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