Acacia gum is a natural emulsifier, a mouthfeel improver, a stabilizer and a fiber.

Acacia gum presents many functional and active properties as an emulsifier that are key to obtaining a successful emulsion. In particular, acacia gum is efficient for the stabilization of oil in water emulsions that are commonly used to manufacture sodas in addition to carbonated water, sucrose or sweeteners. Acacia gum contributes to the stabilization of dispersed droplets, and will reduce the surface tension between the emulsion’s dispersed and continuous phases.

Acacia gum’s low calorific value and neutral taste are particularly appreciated in dietary and natural beverages.

In juices, fruit & sports drinks, and powdered beverages, acacia gum will bring mouthfeel improvement, texture and fiber enrichment.

In alcoholic beverages like wine, acacia gum can provide colloidal protection and organoleptic sensory improvement, and is efficient at very low dosage.

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