Bakery & Baked products

Acacia gum is a texturing and water-retention agent in baked products, a natural source of fiber and it can be a processing aid in extrusion processes.

Acacia gum acts as a texture improver. In some cases (in breads for example), a 25% increase in softness after 4 days of manufacturing has been demonstrated. Furthermore, the addition of acacia gum will increase the water retention of bakery products, allowing a heightened sensation of freshness. Alland & Robert has conducted an independent study on the effects of acacia gum in white sandwich breads and gluten free breads to confirm these properties. It also showed a great improvement in the consumer’s sensory experience.

Acacia gum (also known as Acacia fiber) is also a natural and healthy alternative source of fiber that can increase the fiber content of any bakery products.

Its prebiotic effects and excellent digestive tolerance offer no disadvantages nor intestinal discomfort. Also, acacia gum contains very few calories, and doesn’t impact the taste, color or any aspect of bakery products. It is resistant to acidity and heat and offers low viscosity. Finally, acacia gum is a processing aid in extruded products. It will improve the texture, stability and the cohesiveness of the mix for a better expansion. Acacia gum can be found in extruded products like rusks, noodles or petfood.

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