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Alland & Robert, a family success story

Charles Alland et Frédéric Alland Alland & Robert, a familly success story Founded in 1884, Alland & Robert has seen five generations of visionary leaders build the company’s reputation and expertise in the international acacia gum market. From Francisque to Frédéric Alland, the company has been transformed from a humble family business story to a major undisputed forerunner in the... Read more »

Acacia gum


Acacia Gum, The Sahel Gold

Acacia Gum, The Sahel Gold Despite the common misconception that Africa solely consists of dry land, the African continent contains many resources with a lot of potential - one of them being acacia gum. Given that it is both present in everyday life and part of Africa’s ‘green revolution’ to transform its weaknesses into strengths,... Read more »