Situation in Sudan: a statement from the Association for International Promotion of Gums
In : Company News | Posted on 10 May 2023

As a member of AIPG (Association for International Promotion of Gums), Alland & Robert relays the below statement regarding the situation of the gum acacia industry in Sudan.

April 28, 2023 – AIPG Information on current supply situation of gum arabic

AIPG members are aware of the extremely problematic situation in Sudan and sincerely hope that a peaceful solution will soon be found.

AIPG members are monitoring the development of the situation and keep in touch with their local contacts. Based on decades of experience in the Sudan business and generally as producers, importers and manufacturers of natural products from all over the world, AIPG members do not believe that the supply situation of end users of gum Arabic is at risk.

Like many other importers, our member companies keep sufficient stocks of gum Arabic imported from Sudan and other countries in their warehouses, so that possible interruptions in supply – for whatever reason that might occur – can be absorbed.

Further on, it must also be considered that Sudan is not the only supplier country for gum Arabic, as also countries like Chad and Nigeria significantly contribute to the supply continuity of the market. Thus, in AIPG´s estimation, immediate supply bottlenecks are not to be expected because of the current events in Sudan.


This statement will be updated if necessary.

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