Extruded products

Acacia gum is a processing aid in extrusion processes.

Several patents have already been filed and are available online, describing the use of acacia gum to manufacture various types of extruded products, for example instant noodles.


Nowadays, extrusion technology is increasingly dedicated to the production of many products like instant noodles, bakery products, snacks and pet food. Technologists apply complex and nutritional formulations including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. The mix for any extrusion is a pulverulent matrix with flour and starches blended with colorings, spices and flavors.

The type of starch will confer its main functional properties on the finished product: texture, volume, structure, rehydration capacities…

Acacia gum will bring several benefits to extruded products, with an expected improvement in both the process and the finished product:

– Acacia gum is used as a processing aid for its thermoplastic and lubricating properties
– Its incorporation at low level significantly impacts the homogeneity and the machinability of the mix as well as the texture of the extruded products, for a better expansion of the mix.
– The use of acacia gum in extrusion is based on its capacities of food processing improver. Its incorporation into the mix which will be extruded has a direct positive and significant impact on the process of extrusion itself. Moreover, acacia gum impacts desirable rheological properties to the product by stabilizing, thickening and emulsifying.
– Furthermore, thanks to its status of natural and vegetable fiber, the incorporation of acacia gum also allows specific nutritional claims based on fiber enrichment.

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