Introducing SYNDEO® GELLING, a plant based texturing agent for the substitution of gelatin
In : Applications | Posted on 14 December 2022

INNOVATION: Alland & Robert launches SYNDEO® GELLING, a vegan texturing agent based on acacia gum for the substitution of gelatin or pectins.

Whether it is to adopt a vegetarian diet, out of environmental concern, to fight against intensive farming, or even out of religious conviction, more and more consumers are looking for products formulated with plant-based ingredients.

This is one of the challenges faced by food manufacturers, and in particular manufacturers of confectionery, gummies and other marshmallows. Many food products such as sweets and mousses call for gelatin as an ingredient which is usually made from animal-derived collagen.


SYNDEO® GELLING provides manufacturers with an innovative and multifunctional solution. Alland & Robert research shows that vegetal and natural hydrocolloids can be combined in order to create a credible and efficient substitute to gelatin.

The Alland & Robert R&D team has used both sensory analysis and TPA (Texture Profile Analysis) to develop SYNDEO® GELLING.

TPA allowed us to characterize the many aspects of the texture of a product, define and evaluate 4 key texture attributes that are important for the sensory perception of the consumers in confectioneries.

Sensory analysis is another key to our applicative research. Examining new products is essential to assess and evaluate the quality, perception and acceptability of products developped by our applicative research team.


SYNDEO® GELLING is an innovative texturing solution made with acacia gum mixed with plant-based, natural hydrocolloids. It is perfectly designed for vegan food products and will bring stabilizing, gelling, thickening, binding and texturing properties as well as mouthfeel improvement to plant-based formulations.

SYNDEO® GELLING fulfills new needs regarding texture improvement while providing great sensory experience and mouthfeel improvement.

Get in touch with us for more information on labelling and product characteristics.

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