Alland & Robert carried out an international survey to learn about the public knowledge of additives.
In : Company News | Posted on 16 October 2017

What do people know about acacia gum and food additives?

Alland & Robert carried out a survey in the USA, UK, Japan and Germany, to find out just how much people know about acacia gum and food additives. The responses were both surprising and unexpected!

Nearly 43% of Americans know what acacia gum is…

71.5% of the 1000 Americans surveyed confirmed that they read food labels before buying a product. Likewise, almost 88% believe that they have a good understanding of the ingredients listed on the labels. This is an excellent result in comparison with the Japanese, as ‘only’ 53% believe that they have an understanding of products’ nutritional information. Moreover, more than 65% of British people recognise that the letter E represents a food additive.

Also according to the survey results, 42.7% of Americans are aware that acacia gum is a natural additive. Almost half of them (42.1%) know that it is present in bread as well as drinks (45.9%). However, very few of them (29.1%) know that it is also found in cosmetic products. 32.77% of British people wrongly believe that food additives are solely chemical!

Acacia gum (or Arabic gum, or E414) is a natural additive and sap exudate, as it is taken from the trunk of acacia trees. In addition to the product’s inherent naturalness, the harvest – carried out in the Sahel countries in Africa – is also 100% natural.

…But 77% don’t know that it’s a source of fiber!

Only 23% of Americans realize that acacia gum is a source of fiber (39.4% wrongly think that it is a source of sugar!) The results of the UK survey were no better, since over 82% didn’t know that it is a source of fiber. As for those interviewed in Germany, more than 90% of them were unaware of this benefit!

Have no doubt, acacia gum is an excellent source of fiber. Furthermore, the acacia gum producer Alland & Robert guarantees at least 90% fiber content.

As a source of fiber, acacia gum has many advantages, including: acidity and heat resistance, no side effects nor intestinal problems, low in calories, and a very low glycaemic index, as well as scientifically-proven prebiotic effects.

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