Acacia gum

Acacia gum

A natural, safe and healthy ingredient, also known as Arabic Gum or E414

Acacia gum

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Do you seek a safe and effective alternative yet natural ingredient for your beverage or treat an underlying medical condition? Fortunately for you, acacia gum is capable of addressing your concerns. Your supplier of tree exudates can be relied upon to provide quality products and has strong relationships with farmers and is knowledgeable of the best practices when sourcing natural gum.

How Acacia Gum is Manufactured

Acacia gum is made from the exudation of acacia trees following the incision of their stems and branches. Being a highly-secure and functional additive, acacia gum has been in use for centuries. Thanks to its outstanding properties, acacia gum has been used as a karaya gum stabilizer in food and Karaya gum supplier food grade.

Acacia Gum

Your gum karaya supplier for pharmaceutical products and acacia Senegal gum for pharmaceuticals sources this quality product from the “Gum belt” area, located south of Sahel. This harvest zone spread across Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Benefits of Acacia Gum

Acacia gum provides a safe therapy and has no side effects. Your supplier of tree exudates recommends this treatment for:

1. Relief From Pain and Irritation

Acacia gum has medicinal properties, which make it ideal for providing relief from inflammation and irritation. The gum has proved effective in relieving throat and stomach discomfort.

2. Promotes Oral Health

Acacia gum contains Acacia Catechu, commonly known as black khair. This compound can be used in dental products to prevent gingivitis. Also, powdered acacia can be used in herbal toothpaste. We are a leading dietary fiber gum acacia supplier in the region.

3. Enhances Wound Healing

Acacia gum is also used in topical treatments to help wounds heal. Your acacia gum supplier for cosmetics asserts that its healing properties are derived from its components including glycosides, alkaloids and flavonoids. Besides accelerated healing, acacia gum can also help in the treatment of ulcers.

4. Decreases Body Fat

Acacia gum can not only help you maintain a healthy weight but is also ideal for reducing excess body fat. Your gum acacia supplier for sugar reduction has extensive experience supplying acacia gum for its health benefits among persons who are on a weight loss program. We are your go-to acacia gums supplier for food applications.

5. Source of Fiber

Thanks to its water-soluble dietary fibers (WSDF), acacia gum is a good fiber diet and keeps cholesterol in check. This alternative treatment is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its nutritional benefits. Your acacia gums fiber supplier contends that acacia gum is rich in fiber than most of the popular fiber sources, including juice, yogurt, and cereals.

6. Treating Sore Throat and Coughs

Acacia gum is famous for relieving irritation and inflammation and is also useful in controlling coughs. This product is used in making cough solutions since it helps soothe irritation and controls the secretion of mucus during colds.

Available Products and Services

Your trusted supplier of tree exudates guarantees top-class products. We are driven by the commitment to provide our clients with the best quality natural gums and you can trust our products to reach your goals.
We conduct expert material sourcing and place a premium on research and development to ensure our products’ uncompromised quality. To guarantee product safety, your supplier of tree exudates has subject ourselves to a series of quality assurance tests from renowned international certification bodies.

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