Karaya gum

A natural and safe ingredient also known as E416

Karaya gum

Karaya Gum: The Key to Multiple Health Benefits

Are you looking for a safe, natural and healthy acacia gum ingredient to emulsify your beverage or treat your health condition? If yes, you will be pleased to learn about the benefits of arabic gum for confectionery coating product has to offer. Unlike other starches or chemically modified ingredients, gum acacia makes the healthiest emulsification agent for beverages, dairy products and cereal bars. Read on to discover the properties and what you stand to gain from the dried gum acacia.

How is the Karaya Gum manufactured?

To produce karaya gum, organic acacia gums supplier for food applications uses the flash heating process to give it a robust microbiological quality. This not only guarantees you with an original transfer of the products, but it is also a unique process that aims at promoting homogeneity of the temperature found inside the gums.

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Flash heating is commonly used alone or as a supplier of natural hydrocolloids. And since it is a natural gum extract from the stems and branches of Sterculia trees mainly found in specific regions in Africa and India, you can rest assured that your organic karaya gum manufacturers are sourcing the raw materials from the best. Addressing specific needs related to texture improvement is the ultimate role the gum will partake to produce coating, filling and emulsified sauces.

Benefits of karaya gum

Your organic karaya gum manufacturers uses a chemical-free process to produce a healthy product with impressive microbial properties. Here are the health benefits you will get when consuming karaya gum stabilizer in food.
1. Treats constipation
The microbial properties of karaya gum make it a perfect laxative agent. While the gum doesn’t get digested or absorbed in your body, it has a mucilaginous gel that allows the karaya gum granules to swell inside the intestine. That is what causes it to dilate.
2. Adhesive for dental implants
The gum’s bonding properties make it a perfect adhesive for dental implants since it is placed at the base of salicylic patches. That’s why dentistry companies work closely with organic karaya gum manufacturers to give patients the best-specialized treatment with teeth problems.
3. Treats sore throat
The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of karaya gum make it ideal for treating sore throats. Most organic karaya gum manufacturers use it as part of the ingredient for lozenges.
4. Emulsifier for medical jellies and pastes
Its binding properties make it perfect for making medical jellies and pastes. We are a trusted natural prebiotics gum supplier for vegan food, baking and dairy, industries since our product makes the best dressing and binding ingredient in these industries.

Our Products and Services

Being a recognized gum karaya powder supplier and exporter, means we produce quality-assuring products that will help you meet your goals. We produce natural tree exudates, with a strong emphasis on acacia gum. Our natural gum products come in variants depending on your niche. Our dedicated R&D team has the technical and legal expertise to provide you with the best. The products of your trusted organic karaya gum manufacturers pass through a series of quality assurance tests from international certification bodies to ensure the safety of consumers.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a pharmaceutical company or are a food supplier, our arabic gum is tailored to provide the best health solutions to your end-users. As one of the best karaya gum supplier natural ingredients that has been in business for more than 11 decades, we have studied and analyzed the health benefits of using our products as one of your ingredients. Visit our website or call us to help find the ideal product that best describes your business niche.

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