Karaya gum

A natural and safe ingredient also known as E416

Karaya gum

A renowned Karaya Powder supplier and exporter you can rely on

Sourcing of Gum

Gum Arabic is a dried tree exudate that’s tapped from acacia trees. They possess specific properties that make them a necessity. Gums are strong adhesives and have a binding property and forms films and coatings, among other features. We source our gum from the best acacia trees that are found in the gum belt in Africa. Sudan and Chad are the largest producers but are being joined by Eritrea and Senegal. The harvest of acacia gum is entirely natural and is done in just two acacia tree species. This is extremely important to ensure that you get the best quality. Our company has been in existent for a long time, and through time, we have been able to learn the trade and assure our clients of getting the best gum. To be the best gum karaya powder supplier and exporter, we pay attention to its needs.

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Industries used

As acacia gum gummies supplier, we have, over the years, perfected our trade to be able to provide our clients with a product that serves different industries. By doing so, we have become a top gum arabic supplier in france, and gum karaya is a tree exudate that has many other uses and is used in different industries, for instance, the pharmaceutical industry. Food industry and as an emulsifier. This notwithstanding, we have a reputation of being the best acacia gum supplier for cosmetics, a billion-dollar industry growing; this goes to show the trust that our clients have with us. Our company has grown as gum karaya powder supplier and exporter since our gums are mechanically milled to produce a powder. Our investment in the manufacturing sector in sourcing the right and sophisticated equipment for this task has made us the top gum karaya powder supplier and exporter. As reliable organic karaya gummanufacturers, our gums are manufactured to ensure that they are used for multiple functions. Our focus has also been on the clients who have decided to seek a healthy way of living. Our clients demand that we give them a 100% plant-based organic gum, gluten-free, odorless, low calories, and a non- GMO. We deliver to our clients’ tastes and, as such, have become their number one gum karaya powder supplier and exporter.

Why Choose us

If you need gum karaya powder supplier and exporter who guarantees you the best and quality natural, tree extract gum, then this is us. We not only sell the gum, but we ensure that the communities that we transact business with are improved. We empower these communities by creating employment and opportunities for them. We also focus on environmental conservation and land reclamation through plating trees. We have recovered over 18 million hectares enough land for 9 million families to grow the food; we are a unique gum karaya powder supplier and exporter. We have partnered with many companies globally, and they trust us in giving them the best karaya gum supplier natural ingredients. Link with our company today and have enjoyed our services as gum karaya powder supplier and exporter. We are experts in this field from the sourcing, research, development, production, customer service, and certification; we strive to give you the best possible from our side. Contact us today; let us gum karaya powder supplier and exporter help you out.

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    A 6th generation family company, expert in natural plant exudates since 1884

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    Expert and major leader in natural plant exudates, with a strong focus on Acacia gum and Karaya gum.

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    As the expert of Acacia Gum in the world, Alland & Robert is heavily investing time, talents and resources in Research and Development.

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    Our ambitious quality insurance policy reflects our commitment towards our clients.

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