Acacia gum

A natural, safe and healthy ingredient, also known as Arabic Gum or E414

Acacia gum

Your One-Stop Shop for Dietary Fiber Gum Acacia Supplier in France

Are you in need of a world-leading dietary fiber gum acacia supplier? One who supplies quality natural ingredients and tree extracts that boast of a high-quality natural supplier of tree exudates extract can be used in the agri-food industries and pharmaceutical industries.
The unique qualities of acacia gum have ensured that it has become a reliable ingredient that is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food industry, cosmetic and technical industries. Acacia gum has multiple functions that have made it so popular and sought after. Acacia gum has been able to fulfill specific consumer demands and expectations, such as the need for a 100% plant-based, a non-GMO, gluten-free, colorless, odorless, pesticide-free plant that has low calories, zero dietary fiber gum acacia.

Acacia Gum

Sources of our gum

Your leading dietary fiber gum acacia supplier sources acacia gums in the “Gum belt.” The belt runs from Senegal to Eritrea in the Africa continent, specifically in the South of the Sahel. Our dietary fiber gum acacia supplier activities provide revenue to millions of people in this region. Our harvest zone covers countries like Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Sudan and Chad.
As an experienced supplier, we endeavor to have quality gum, which can be used in different industries.

Different forms of gum we offer

Your dietary fiber gum acacia supplier offers the product in various forms including:
• Mechanically milled powder
• Liquid solution
• Raw product
• Granule
Just state the form you want it in and your reliable supplier will deliver it to you.

Some of the industries that we thrive in

The beauty industry is growing and has clients who desire different products; that’s why we are a leading supplier in the cosmetic industry.
As a leading dietary fiber gum acacia supplier, we guarantee you the best quality. Our gum can be used as a dessert emulsifier, sauces, binder, suspending, and stabilizing agent for dairies, dressings, and even dips.
Any vegan nutritionist will attest to the high quality of our products. This is why we are also the best natural prebiotics gum supplier for vegan food and supply Karaya gum stabilizer in food through vegan food additives E416 supplier. Gum is known to give a softer texture, improved moisture, excellent freezing properties. This is why it is used as Arabic gum for confectionery coating products—gums, jellies, chewy toffees and pastilles.

Acacia gum fiber supplier

As for Arabic suppliers in France, your leading supplier supplies acacia Senegal gum for pharmaceutics, which has been used as Tablet and pastilles coating agent, binding agent and emulsion stabilizer. We are an organic dietary fiber gum acacia supplier who boast of fiber-rich products, ideal for pharmaceutical products.
We are a leader in dietary fiber gum acacia supplier for food applications, gum acacia supplier for sugar reduction, karaya gum supplier for thickener ingredients, manufacturer acacia gum for nutrition, supplier of natural hydrocolloids, supplier of gum karaya E416, and supplier of gum Arabic E414.

Being a high-quality dietary fiber gum acacia supplier, we guarantee you of gum arabic spray-dried powder manufacturers who will ensure you get your product in due time. Over the years, we have grown to become the best dietary fiber gum acacia supplier. We assure you of working with the best Karaya gum supplier food grade.
If you are looking for a supplier, who can be trusted to provide you with organic acacia gums supplier for food applications, look no further. Talk to us today and out-source the best karaya gum supplier natural ingredients. Let’s go natural together.

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