BEYOND ACACIA®, a unique range of gum acacia with environmental exemplarity and technological excellence.
In : Applications | Posted on 22 November 2023

INNOVATION: Alland & Robert launches BEYOND ACACIA®, a unique range of gum acacia with environmental exemplarity and technological excellence.

During Food Ingredients Europe 2023, Alland & Robert launched a unique range of acacia gum with low carbon footprint and high dispersion ability: Beyond Acacia®. Our new range is the result of many years of efforts, research and heavy investments by Alland & Robert, which will allow our clients to positively affect the planet while using a highly technological and expert product.


The high density granules Beyond Acacia® are manufactured thanks to an innovative process, which makes Beyond Acacia® highly soluble, energy-saving and easier-to-use. The physical form of the powder and the characteristics of the granules provide an excellent wettability compared to standard gum, which maximizes the efficiency of the dispersion process thanks to quick hydration.

All acacia gum functional properties are preserved : once dissolved, the quality is identical to regular and instant qualities. Alland & Robert is able to meet customers’ expectations by manufacturing all acacia gum qualities as part of the Beyond Acacia® range.


Alland & Robert has priorized the improvement of energy performance during the manufacturing process, which represented the majority of gum acacia emissions. Other emissions were targeted as part of an ambitious action plan.

Beyond Acacia® is the only range with a comprehensive and genuine approach to the reduction of direct and indirect emissions (including scopes 1, 2 and 3 of the Green House Gas Protocol).
All GHG emissions calculations for the Beyond Acacia® range are verified by an independent consulting firm specialized in carbon emissions.


Alland & Robert’s market research combined to our expertise and customer feedback led us to search for a way to manufacture higher density gum acacia. But we did not want just a technological innovation, we wanted this range to reflect our commitments to sustainability and answer our customers’ environmental expectations.

High density granules answer both challenges of high dispersion ability and low carbon footprint. It also allows us to provide any gum acacia quality as part of the Beyond Acacia® range: Acacia Fibre, seyal and senegal grades  and DemeCare®. All products from the Beyond Acacia® range can also include the same certifications we provide with our instant and spray-dried qualities: Fair For Life, organic, kosher, etc.

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