Download the Corporate Foundation Alland 2023 activity report
In : Company News | Posted on 17 May 2024

Alland & Robert’s Corporate Foundation has released its 2023 activity report.

Alland & Robert created its Corporate Fondation in 2021 to strengthen its commitments in Africa and in countries where natural gums are harvested. The purpose of this foundation is to support and monitor various projects in the countries where Alland & Robert operate, and more generally, on the African continent.

2023 marks the third year of existence of the Foundation.

It is also the beginning of  the support to emergency projects in Sudan to respond the acute needs arising from the military conflict that broke out in April 2023.

In 2024, the support projects will be extended to child protection and food security to provide humanitarian aid and relief to Sudanese populations who are in Sudan or who are seeking refuge at the Chad border.

In 2023, the Corporate Foundation supported projects in 8 African countries:

Sudan, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ethiopia, Niger and Central African Republic, with a focus on 2 main areas:

> Supporting local communities : Alland & Robert’s business activity led the company to operate in rural areas of Africa, where trees grow naturally. In gum harvesting areas of the Sahel, the quality of life can be threatened by desertification of land, drought or lack of access to services. The Corporate Foundation Alland concentrates its efforts on supporting the communities living in these harvesting areas, and on helping people lifting themselves out of poverty.

> Preserving the environment and biodiversity:   Natural gum harvesting areas border the African Sahel desert. These areas are particularly affected by global warming and are prone to desertification due to the practice of cutting down trees for cooking and firewood. The Corporate Foundation Alland actively fights for the preservation of trees. We lead initiatives to protect local species in their native environment and to fight against desertification and climate change. We also work with the Great Green Wall to help restore degraded lands. These projects are initiated and created thanks to the know-how of Alland & Robert, which has over 138 years of expertise in natural gums and partnerships with African communities.

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