Alland & Robert, a family business based in Normandy, France was founded over 130 years ago. The company became an international leader in natural plant exudates for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, with a strong focus on acacia gum.

In 1884, the chemist Francisque Alland and his partner, Alfred Robert, created their company to market acacia gum and other natural gums and resins. Acacia gum was primarily used in the textile industry at the time.

Six generations and many developments later, Alland & Robert is a worldwide leader in natural ingredients, employs 70 people and contributes to the livelihood of several million people living in Sahelian Africa where acacia-producing countries are found.

Alland & Robert’s unique expertise is built on constant, regular growth, with an international presence, and working on the biggest companies worldwide with high quality standards.

Nowadays, Alland & Robert exports to all continents, in a total of 69 countries with the support of a network of 37 distributors all over the world.

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  • AcaciaGum

    A natural, safe and healthy ingredient, also known as Arabic Gum or E414.

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    The employees of Alland & Robert are the future of the company!

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    Our locations in France and our international distributors

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    OUR STORY: From 1884 to nowadays, the company Alland & Robert has never stopped expanding and 

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