Acacia gum is everywhere
Did you know that acacia gum is already used in bread products worldwide?
In : Applications | Posted on 15 September 2017

Acacia gum’s powerful impact on bread


Did you know that acacia gum is already used in bread products worldwide? Alland & Robert collaborated with LEMPA (Laboratory for the testing of food products) to carry out a study evaluating acacia gum’s impact on bread (in terms of texture, water retention and preservation) as well as a sensory evaluation. Using two types of acacia gum (Acacia Gum Seyal and Acacia Gum Senegal) and two types of bread (white sandwich bread and gluten free bread), they discovered that adding acacia gum to bread:


Improves texture and preservation

The results of the study showed that there was a 25% increase in softness of white bread after 4 days, as well as an increased water retention in the bread which led to a higher final weight and a heightened sensation of freshness. Furthermore, adding acacia gum resulted in an increased shelf life for both types of bread, with a short-term preservation gain of up to 50%!


Tastes better


The consumers were unanimous about the fact that bread containing acacia gum tasted better in comparison to the control sample, evidenced by the positive feedback on the taste and colour of the bread with added acacia gum, and this was the case for both Acacia Gum Seyal and Acacia Gum Senegal. Furthermore, the study showed that consumers prefer the smell and crustiness of bread with the addition of acacia gum, especially gluten free bread consumers. Therefore, it’s possible to improve the preservation of breads with acacia gum while improving the consumer’s sensory experience at the same time!


Adds soluble fibre


Acacia gum is a soluble fibre, and Alland & Robert guarantees at least 90% fibre content in its products. As a fibre, acacia gum offers several advantages such as resistance to acidity and heat, no side effects, discomfort or bowel problems, low calorific value, very low glycaemic index, and scientifically proven prebiotic effects. In addition to this, fibre enrichment using acacia gum can allow nutritional claims according to the dosage (‘source of’ or ‘enriched in fibre’) and the country’s individual regulations. Acacia gum is also a clean label ingredient, and can therefore enrich bread in a healthy and natural way! Without a doubt, the addition of acacia gum will increase the freshness, softness, taste, nutritional value and shelf life of bread!





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