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Step 1 :
Sourcing from
selected Acacia trees

fd_slide2Slide thumbnail

Step 2 :
Sustainable harvest
of the Acacia gum

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Step 3 :
Smooth and efficient
supply to our facilities

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Step 4 :
Processing of the gum
using lastest technology
in our facilities

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Step 5 :
Multifunctional gum enriching
a wide range of products

Acacia Gum is a safe food additive

The EFSA has confirmed that acacia gum is completely safe.

Acacia Gum for breads

Learn more about the positive impact Acacia Gum has on regular and gluten free breads.

Acacia Gum, a resource for Africa

How is Acacia Gum playing an economic, social, environmental role in Sahel ?