Our team, our future

We are convinced that Alland & Robert’s success is due to the work of the former generations and all the current employees.

It is therefore essential to do everything possible to contribute to their well-being and fulfillment within Alland & Robert. Our employees represent the future of our company.



Alland & Robert maintains high employment standards, and our recruitment policy includes non-discrimination criteria that will allow new employees to be fairly selected regardless of their gender, age, race, religion or any other characteristics protected by law.

We enjoy a very low employee’s turnover, which is a representation of the wellness of our employees in the company.

It is vital for us to provide a workplace where people from all backgrounds feel comfortable, to reward talent through competitive salaries and benefits. We give particular priority to employee loyalty as the company has been a family enterprise for five generations.

We are committed to maintaining a positive working atmosphere conducive to our employees’ well-being and fulfillment.


Alland & Robert is also promoting gender equality: 45% of the managers at Alland & Robert are women.

Alland & Robert is also promoting internal evolution and promotion, as well as focusing on hiring people of diverse back ground and experiences.



We permanently invest in training our employees to help them develop their knowledge and skills. Their commitment and motivation are essential to the company’s good health. We aspire to high standards of employment progression and investment in the development of our teams.

We offer development opportunities to enable our employees to gain new skills. Our approach includes performance assessment and training. Our goal is for our people at all levels to receive regular performance appraisals. Since 2014, Alland & Robert has formalized a training plan for every new arrival at Alland & Robert. When they start working at Alland & Robert, operational employees will work with a tutor who will teach them their job for up to 3 months. They will be left alone only after they are fully qualified and trained.

All Alland & Robert employees will have a yearly interview with their manager to review their training needs, work comfort, and career opportunities. There are also meetings every other year with the Human Resource department in order to discuss training opportunities and wishes.


Alland & Robert particularly emphasizes safety in the workplace, with a big highlight on its production lines. In 2014, Alland & Robert requested the help of APAVE, an organism specialized in the assessment and management of technical risks, in order to carry out an audit on the safety of our production installations. We have started implementing the action plan that has been recommended by APAVE, and will fully comply with it.

For example, defibrillators were installed on every Alland & Robert site, including the Paris administrative offices. Most of Alland & Robert employees have been trained to the rescue of their colleagues in case of accidents. These trainings have been provided by one of our own employee who is a fireman and certified trainer.



A key element of our sustainable development management approach is the awareness of our employees towards the environment, and the promotion of internal environmental friendly actions, like paper saving, recycling or waste reduction.

We want to make sure that our employees understand the importance of sustainable development, agree and participate to our sustainability projects. As part as raising employees awareness, we encourage supervisors and managers to monitor our energy indicators, and comply with our recommandations.

An internal newsletter and internal communiques are disclosing Alland & Robert’s actions toward Corporate Responsibility and raising employees awareness.