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What is Gum Karaya?

Gum karaya is the gum exudation obtained by the incision of the stems and branches of Sterculiaceae trees.


As a world leader in Gum karaya processing, Alland & Robert offers a large variety of gum karaya: from granules to powder.
As an expert, we have a thorough experience of alternative treatments in order to improve its bacteriological quality.


Since when?

This natural product has been used for centuries in traditional African and Indian cooking.
They mainly eat it for its preventive, curative and texturing properties.

Nowadays, it is essentially used in the pharmaceutical industry

Where can it be found ?

Harvesting areas are mostly situated in West Africa and India.
The physico-chemical and microbiological characteristics of Gum karaya are different depending on their origin:

  • African gum: higher viscosity and swelling potency
  • Indian gum: good microbiological quality