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Confectionery Main gelling and texturizing ingredient in gum drops
Prevention of crystallization of sucrose in some specialities
Coating agent (barrier effect/centers, regular or sugarfree confectionery)
Coating and thickening agent in sugarfree confectionery
Blends for coating in association with other hydrocolloids or polyols
Soft drinks
Flavours industries
O/w emulsions
Spray-dried/encapsulation of oil soluble substances (flavours/colourings/vitamins…)
Colloidal protector (color)
Clarification, foam stabilisation
Improve mouth feel
Snacks Fixative agent
Natural glue (salt, sugar, spices…)
Bakery products Extrusion
Dairy products
Ice creams
Fat replacer
Fibre enrichment
Uses for fibre enrichment (100% high soluble fiber) for Dietary products Total fiber content Gum acacia Senegal : > 90%
Total fiber content Gum acacia Seyal : > 90%

O/w emulsions
Spray-dried/encapsulation of oil soluble substances (flavours/colourings/vitamins…)

Dental adhesive Adhesive agent
Pills/Tablets/Capsules Coating, glazing, film, forming -agglomerating excipient for tabletting
Syrup Thickening Fibre enrichment
Micro granules Encapsulation Binder
Creams – Lotions Texturing agent Stabilization Emulsion
Dietetic products Fibre enrichment Thickening
Mascara – Eye liner Stabilization Thickening
Lipstick Stabilization Thickening
Cream lotion Stabilization Thickening Emulsion
Hair care product Protective agent
Printing inks – Paints (Lithography) Binder Stabilizer Emulsion
Paper Natural Glue Encapsulation Thickening
Industrial applications Thickener Stabilizer, Adhesive