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For several years, Alland & Robert has committed to minimizing its impact on the environment. Alland & Robert provides its clients with a safe, healthy product and takes the environmental aspects into consideration at every stage in the production chain.

Environmental performance management is a crucial part of our goods and services offer.

Energy efficiency

Alland & Robert is committed to minimizing its energy consumption on its two production sites, in order to minimize impact on the environment:

  • Frequent control of energy consumption (gas and carbon) – external audit and corrective actions
  • Energy recycling
  • Control of water consumption

Efficiency gains in buildings and IT

Alland & Robert believes that education is a key to lowering emissions. Everyone can help save energy through simple steps like making sure that screens are switched off overnight.
In 2013, Alland & Robert has built a third spray drying towers in the respect of environmental friendly design standards like the use of daylight in the building and the optimization of ventilation and heat. Alland & Robert is always taking new steps toward efficiency gains in offices buildings by actions like ensuring all lights are off at night, installing energy-efficient lamps, or matching heating and cooling accurately with occupancy hours for example.

Encouraging sustainable suppliers and recycling

Alland & Robert is aware that purchasing decisions are impacting the environment. We choose, when possible, local suppliers in order to reduce transport, to
promote local business, and to work with companies have sustainable policies.

Recycling and waste reduction is also a concern of Alland & Robert, which is why a partnership with a waste management company has been set up on production sites.