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Know How - Sourcing

Alland & Robert has developed solid partnerships with an extensive network of African suppliers to ensure security of supply, and to build long term relationships. Alland & Robert works only with trusted suppliers who agree to apply strict standards through a supplier chart. We insist on the values of honesty, integrity and loyalty among all our partners, and they are the values we bring to them.


Alland & Robert is deeply involved in the harvesting process of gum acacia in Africa. Relationships with suppliers are framed by several fundamental markers. Alland & Robert method for a reliable and safe sourcing is based on:

  • A constant involvement in the harvest and the selection of crude gum
  • The construction of Alland & Robert’s own kibbling and sorting installations in Senegal, Chad and Mali
  • The station of warehouses in Senegal, Chad and Mali
  • Providing technical assistance to our suppliers (machinery, training and work conditions) by our Production director
  • Conducting annual audit of our suppliers in presence of our CEO and Quality director. These audits  include the checking of the conditions at our raw material suppliers’ facilities, the inventory of their facilities, the monitoring of the implementation of any maintenance actions required in the previous years.

Day-to-day quality

Raw materials and end products are being controlled according to:

  • European decrees applicable to food additives
  • European Pharmacopoeia
  • Food Chemicals Codex and JECFA monographs
  • Customers Requests (USP/NF, JP)

Meeting the highest quality standards

In respect to the most recent legislations and customers’s requirements, Alland & Robert meets the highest quality standards of:

  • Food Safety, including:
  1. BRC certification*
  2. Application of the HACCP procedures
  • Pharmaceutical Safety through the ANSM (Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament / National Agency for Medicine Safety)
  • Quality system certification: ISO 9001
  • Social  and societal commitment, including:
  1. SEDEX
  2. SMETA referential
  • Organic certification
  • Halal certification
  • Kosher certification

* Manufacturing of purified gum acacia by spray drying