Acacia Gum for breads

Adding Acacia Gum to bread improves the shelf life & consumer experience

 Alland & Robert, international leader in Acacia Gum, appointed LEMPA (Laboratory for the testing of food products), an independent French expert and professional laboratory specialising in bakery products, to conduct a study on the impact of acacia gum in breads (texture, water retention and preservation) as well as a sensory evaluation.

Acacia Gum improves Texture & Preservation of Breads

The tests were conducted using two grades of acacia gum – Acacia Gum seyal and Acacia Gum senegal – with three different dosages of 1%, 3% and 6%. Trials were conducted on two different types of bread: white sandwich bread and gluten free bread and the results were measured against a control bread which contained no acacia gum.

The research conducted by LEMPA produced significant results with both white sandwich bread and gluten free bread. In fact, by using specific dosages of either Acacia Gum seyal or Acacia Gum senegal for each type of bread, acacia gum improved the texture (a 25% increase in softness on white bread after 4 days). Furthermore, the addition of acacia gum was also shown to increase water retention in the breads leading to a higher final weight for identical original recipes, allowing for a heightened sensation of freshness.

Globally, the addition of acacia gum enhanced the shelf life of both types of breads, with a short-term preservation gain of up to 50%.

Consumers are unanimous, breads with acacia gum taste better!

The sensory study has revealed that breads containing acacia gum are more appreciated by consumers, both in white sandwich and gluten free bread. In fact, for Acacia Gum seyal or senegal, breads with added acacia gum received more positive feedback on taste, color, smell and crustiness than the control sample.

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